An Example of a brief report

A company has long been making use of the competence of a graphologist who is now to leave his job due to his poor health. Before letting him go, the mangers of the firm ask him to assess some handwritten samples belonging to three graphologists who have applied for this graphologist position. Only one of them can be hired. He/she will be expected to work together with a psychologist who has also helped the company with personnel recruitment for a long time. The managers believe that the cooperation between the two professionals will continue to guarantee a greater possibility of gauging– with more precision and in less time – whether a candidate is suitable to hold a certain position and do a specific job.

Below are shown a couple of lines from one of the handwritten samples of the writing being chosen:

Here is a very brief report of the reasons for such a choice:

What makes a good graphologist is above all intuition and curiosity which lead the graphologist to analyse in depth. These assets are remarkable in the personality of the author’s handwriting. Besides the analytical skills which do not disregard any detail, also evident is an overall synthetic ability which can assess each detail in its appropriate context.

If the cognitive aspect of the personality of the author’s handwriting under examination is characterized by intuition, thinking, spirit of observation, concentration, evaluating skills (clear and objective) and critical appraisal (positive and constructive), the behavioural aspect is characterised by organisational skills as to the task to be accomplished, ability to adapt and cooperate, reliability and sense of responsibility. Moreover, the handwriting shows that its author is respectful of the Other. That leads her to express herself in a manner which is kind and friendly but at the same time frank. In fact, although her natural self-control guides her gestures and words she is nevertheless able to say what she thinks and feels spontaneously. In so doing, however, it should be underlined that the writer never loses sight of the consideration and appreciation of the Other.