The Application of the G. Moretti Graphological System (RECENSIONI)

The Application of the G. Moretti Graphological System

by V. De Petrillo – A. Millevolte

This book is not written in Italian, it is in English. It is not written for the Italian reader, it is for the English speaker. You may think it is not important to you, but don’t ignore it. In this book is an explanation of Moretti’s System of graphology for graphologists who do not read Italian. Such people are likely to be as distant as America, Australia and India. We can also think of nations where English is used as a working language. The authors have taken on a great responsibility; they are in fact ambassadors for Italian graphology. (…)
One reviewer has already gone to print with these words, “This excellent book is without doubt a classic”. The same reviewer continues “it is meaty, succinct, well illustrated and is an excellent addition to any graphology library. It is also one of the first comprehensive publications on the Morettian System to be written in English”. I would consider the book to be an extremely valuable bridge, an essential addition to the bookshelf of a serious graphologist.

(Review copyright 2002 by Nigel Bradley)

This book, written in English, is an excellent aid in understanding the Moretti method.
It starts with the 13 graphic categories and their signs, giving samples, descriptions, and interpretations (…).
The rich bibliography at the end is followed by an Appendix containing some specific Morettian quantifications of signs (…).
The Morettian graphological system is a very rich and comprehensive system, equivalent to the Crépieux-Jamin, containing many similarities to it and it is probably the only serious alternative. The authors have succeeded in presenting, illustrating and explaining it in a simple and clear manner

(Book Review by Renna Nezos in GRAPHOLOGY, no.62 October 2002)